Ubisoft held an online event called Ubisoft forward that took place on July 12th at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET. 

Showcasing some of the upcoming Ubisoft games like Far cry 6, Assassins Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs legion and some other games lets Quickly go through the announcements and reveals they made in this live stream  



  1. Curious Expedition 2: an indie game that is based in Paris 1899 during the period of Eiffel tower construction. Protagonist Traveling to a mysterious island, interacting with people, and fighting animals. The great thing about this game is every time you play you’ll get a new story and meet new characters and experience the game differently .
  2. Spirit Farer: is an another indie game in which you play as stela a fairy master of the diseased you build a boat and explore the world in search of spirit passengers seeking passage in the afterlife, you will bond with those people but eventually you would need to drop them off or say goodbye to them.
Spirit farer ubisoft forward
Curious expedition 2 Ubisoft forward

Next up is about some updates coming up on crew 2 summers in the Hollywood, Which would have New vanity items, Events, New added Vintage vehicles from the 80s and 70s this event will go from 15 July to August 26 adding stuff in between these months.

Surgeon simulator 2 Updates – 1st person mode, custom level creation, and sharing, added some more levels. Beta access available with the preorder game is set to be released in August. 

Trials Rising Update – added the longest track even in the game releasing July 16. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Update – added AI teammates who are fully customizable from their avatar to their gear and weapons, and they can adapt to your play style and follow your commands.

Ubisoft also released the watch dogs 2  for so you can grab them from your uplay account



Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft starts the show with this Vibrant Cinematic futuristic parkour-style short film.

After that, they show us the trailer in that we get to know about two antagonists of the game:

  • Albia A private military force and it’s CEO NIGIL CASS who wants to make London the first-ever city to be completely crime-free and is ready to take any measures to achieve that.
  • Crime syndicate MARY KELLY she is basically underworld leader of the London.

They showed multiple strategies and how every character differ from each other and every person approaches the task different way by showing an example of invading Nigel Cass’s base and Mery Kely’s hideout. 

The release date for watchdogs Legion was also revealed that is OCTOBER 29 2020. 


Hyperscape trailer was shown, it’s a unique type of battle royale that is set in a virtual world in 2054 into the future and you can use hack abilities like teleporting, god mode, glitching for a certain period of time. This game right now is open for beta testing you can go ahead and play it for yourself Click Here to Play.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

A full in-depth trailer and gameplay was shown in Ubisoft forward. 

the gameplay shows that Vikings left Norway to settle down on the rich land of England.

So you can choose from between any male or female character named Avor 

They talk about change in the combat system how it is more brutal introducing dual-wielding and the different kinds of strategies that you can take to deal with the situation, also now there are 5 different varieties of enemies that behave differently and have different attack patterns.  

It also looked like they are bringing back the original stealth system that Assasin’s creed used to have.

They showcased many different things like Hunting, Exploring secrets, Army battles, Breaching strongholds and reliving Norse mythologies just like in origins and odyssey 

Valhalla will be released on NOVEMBER 17 2020

Farcry 6

So the Far Cry 6 trailer was revealed it started with an amazing artistic short with credit and then we see Giancarlo Esposito teaching his son the way to rule a country with a grenade, This looked like a dictatorship typesetting because he was being called the president  

The release date for the game was revealed that is FEBRUARY 18 2021  


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