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We all love a good love story and it’s very rare to find some exceptionally good love stories in the game. Most of the time the game we get is a Great tale of a Guy simping over a girl. There have been many simps in games in the history of gaming. 

A SIMP that  is S to the I to the M to the P is a person SIMP is a person who lacks common sense or someone who foolishly overvalues women and go to greater lengths to get her

So today at TechTranQ we look at Top 10 simps found in the games which we often overlook


Sonic The Hedgehog 2006

In this game, Sonic simps over a human and this was before the bee movie. They were one of the weirdest video game couples ever. 

But not only in this game sonic is simping from the very beginning whether it’s Amy or this human girl. Sonic Legit woke up from death when she gave him a kiss and one more thing she didn’t even cry when sonic died. 

Sonic gets the simps in games card for simping over someone who isn’t even in his species. And sonic if you are reading this get back with Amy

simps in games


Spiderman PS4

Now peter parker in Spiderman PS4 is not his origin story, so peter has been spiderman for a while He even defeated sinister six not once but twice and living his high life as spiderman doing spidey things But he’s also broken up with mary jane. 

Mary Jane, in general, is fine both in comics and the movies but in this game, I don’t know what’s up with her she would put herself in a dangerous situation over and over again relying on peter to save her but get angry at him when he comes to save her before she asks and this was also the reason why they broke up because she wanted to be stupid and get herself killed but only wanted to to be saved when asked. 

I personally think she’s a suicidal maniac and in the game, most of the time peter tries to get back with MJ so Peter gets the SIMP card for simping over toxic MJ. 

toxic mj
simps in games


Link Legend of Zelda

How many years has it been since the first Zelda game? 34 years. Link has been chasing after Zelda for ages now always trying to save her and also In that animated series always wanting that kiss. 

Link simps so hard he let the entire game to be named after her the girl he is trying to chase.

simps in gaming
legend of zelda breath of the wild 2


Micheal GTA V

Micheal crossed the simp line with just one mission. In GTA V story mode mission marriage counseling, Micheal is getting home and looking for his wife Amanda however he gets suspicious after he sees two tennis racquets outside when she should be practicing her tennis moves and when he heads up to their bedroom, Amanda was practicing another kind of stroke. 

Micheal catches her cheating on him with racquet coach he says and I quote “paying $150 bucks an hour to F*ck my wife” and proceeds to scare him out of the house, Micheal then chases the coach to his home and he decides to pull the guy’s house off the cliff using a truck. 

We know this could have been solved with divorce or a fistfight but he went out of his way to pull the guy’s house off of a cliff and after not him but his wife asked him for a divorce. Their goes another simp in games card to Micheal.

simps in games
micheal simp


Raiden (MGS 2)

In Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty, you don’t play as typical solid snake Instead you play as Raiden, this caused some problems among the fans however playing as Raiden added another feature in the gameplay, his girlfriend and you will realize that he simps for her really hard, at some point of the game you have the ability to shoot and kill seagulls you can do this or you cannot it does not change anything in the story however if you decide to kill one or two of them your girlfriend will get mad at you, call you, yell at you and refuse to save your game until you apologies to her for it, you don’t have any other option other then apologizing to her to get the feature back. 

Killing seagulls is totally fine taking down a government spy camera is good but then apologizing is straight simping 

toxic girlfriend



This is the epitome of simping. Bowser always somehow kidnap the princess and take her to some castle. She spends most of the time in the castles that she visits. She has been in multiple castles since 1985. 

But this absolute chad, this mad lad simps over the princess so hard no matter the consequences he will always go and save her whether she’s in the mushroom kingdom, dinosaur land, an island resort even in the space. 

This plumber go to such great heights just to get some peach🍑, I know we all need some peaches🍑 but what does he get after saving her a kiss on the cheek, and he does this again and again and gets nothing if that is not simping I don’t know what is. He did not get the kiss but he became one of the member of simps in games club.  

simps in gaming
mario bros


Dina Last of Us 2

In the last of us part 2, Dina was in love with Ellie and A fun fact this was also the reason why the last of us 2 got banned in several countries. 

Back to the topic, Dina was in love with Ellie and agreed to go on this revenge storyline with Ellie, Dina sacrificed everything risked herself in order to help Ellie with her mission. 

Ellie said she wanted to go to seattle and she wholeheartedly agreed and SPOILER WARNING: Dina was pregnant and she most probably knew it. Most of the time during the journey she didn’t care much for her health and when she got to know that Dina is pregnant she decided to go solo instead of taking care for her and Dina being a simp went along with Ellie’s plan. 

Even after they get it together and starts living peacefully and had a family Ellie decides to go on again. And let Dina join the simps in gaming club. 

the last of us 3 simping edition


Wander - Shadow of the colossus

Some people will say wander is not a simp, he did what he had to do for love but lo and behold resurrecting your dead partner is not a good way to go with this, entering a forbidden land cruising through the land on your horse and killing collossi who are just harmless giants, yeah he straight simping. 

shadow of colossus
Simps in gaming


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