This article will let you decide If a country should impose PUBG Mobile ban or Not.

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Tips for People who are suffering from PUBGM addiction.

In short: If you want to know what PUBG mobile can cause to its addictive users you will love this Blog.

How PUBG Mobile became so popular?

PUBG mobile Ban

PUBG mobile or Player unknown battlegrounds Mobile is a game that has a very big user base. Approximately 50 million daily users most of them belong to the democratic of 15-25 year old  daily users.

Working youth is an important resource that a country needs to grow. Having a good human resource that works and generate an economy for the country is always good. 

But Pubg is a revolutionary game Because before this we had never seen any other Battle royal game on android which you can play at your home without any good computer with ease.

The game have catchy graphics, can run on most android or iOS devices and have competitive nature to it that drives the young people towards it.  

The game is very good at online socializing in which friends gather together to form a party and play the game while talking to each other. 

All these reasons made the game very popular but these are not the reason for this game to be banned upon.

Let’s take a look on the reasons and problems with PUBG Mobile

Problems with PUBG mobile?

  • PUBG Mobile get really popular with the youth. And people started enjoying the game to the extent that they did not care about anything else.
  • This game started becoming the center point of their daily activities. People started playing the game day and night.
  • The users eventually became ADDICTED to the game and it became hard for the player to leave the game. 
  • It affected the lifestyle of students resulting in a decline in their academic performance. Being stagnant and playing PUBG all day resulted in health problems like obesity. 
  • People started getting distracted from their job. Which is bad for both the company and employee. In some cases, it also affected people’s social and personal relationships.
  • PUBG stopped people to grow financially, mentally, socially, and physically. Which means complete stop at Personality development. 

People spending money on the in-app purchases because the game itself is very enticing, On the paper, the game is said to be free but in the game, they sell dresses that are attractive and they sell them as a lucky draw which can also be seen as promoting gambling, and in the attempt of getting the dress the user end up spending up a lot of money. 

Some Incidents that were caused by PUBGM

Gaming as such is not bad instead it is one of the most beautiful art forms or media you can consume. 

But acts like this spread toxicity and bring shame to the community.

  • A kid from Pune lost his entire academic year due to being addicted to the game.
  • A boy failed in his pre-university economic exam because of writhing how to play PUBG on his answer sheet.                                                    [source]      
  • After being denied from playing PUBG a Mumbai kid committed suicide.
  • Two people who were playing PUBG on the train tracks which earphones on got ran over in Hangoli, Maharashtra.                                                [source]
  • In one incident a boy from chhindwara drank acid instead of water while being engrossed in playing the game.                                             [source]
  • In Punjab, a kid ended up spending 2 Lakh rupees in this game from his grandfather’s pension account. The same thing happened in one other case in which the family from Punjab lost 16 Lakh rupees.
  • A 25 Year old in Karnataka killed beheads his father in order to play PUBG in peace

These incidents and some other that were not mentioned happening frequently raised the topic of banning PUBGM from the country.

Actions taken by the Government

IRAQ already banned PUBG mobile and some other games saying that they are addictive and affecting the youth in a bad way. This made the users in IRAQ angry and they started playing the game with VPN to oppose the government.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran khan also implemented PUBG Mobile ban stating that it is addictive, waste of time also causing a negative impact on the psychological and physical well being of the youth. The PUBG user base in pakistan is now threatening the government to cause protest.

Now you can decide if you want to Ban PUBG Mobile or not. 

How to Fight PUBGM Addiction

If you are one of the people who is addicted to PUBGM and is not able to focus on his real-life problems.

 You should take some precautions like :

    • Anything in access is bad for health we are not saying that you should entirely stop the game but you should slowly cut down on your playtime.
    • Explore other activities you can do to keep yourself engaged. 
    • Socialize more but not on speakers. Go outside do sports or do something productive.
    • And while playing please pay attention to your surrounding.
    Pubg mobile ban

    Nothing happens in a blink of an eye if you actually do put your efforts your sure will get back to track. And don’t play games on Train Tracks


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