POCO M2 Pro comes with great set of features and considers itself india’s No. 1 smartphone brand same as other self proclaimed smartphone companies. By any means poco is not india’s best smartphone but they do provide some good Features and a Flagship looking phone at good prices .This time in POCO M2 Pro they have changed the  design which resembles Redmi Note 9 Pro and people are saying that it is Copied and Both of them comes at a price range of Around $250 or 14000 Rupees


It also comes with 33v Fastcharger and a 90Hz screen which is optimum for Mobile Gamers

Problems With This Smartphone

Their are a lot of problems in this smartphone we will go through each one periodically

  • This Device comes with a lot of Bloatware (Pre installed apps). If you are wondering how they are able to Provide a smartphone with such good features at such a good price . In actuality they get sponsored from these Chinese App companies to pre install their software in the device and some of them are irremovable and Harmful
  • Some of the bloatware and system apps ask for permissions to use other apps from your Smartphones like (Camera, Contacts, Calendar, Call logs, Location, Microphone, SMS, Storage and some other Apps)  they ask for permissions as agreeing to a Terms & Conditions Agreement and instantly the apps get permission to all the other apps which concerns our privacy
  • Definitions or security rules for this device are being used of CLEAN MASTER. Clean Master is developed by Cheetah mobile . This application sends personal info to Chinese servers, Which is a serious Data breach. Clean Master is banned by Google due to it’s mischievous security breach and advertisement frauds . As of June 30, 2020 India has also banned all the apps from Cheetah Mobile and some other chinese Apps over Data breaching
  • BUT still this app is present, embedded not as a Bloatware but as a system configuration which cannot be removed by the users


Buying this phone is like Opening a account in a sketchy BANK 

                                                     “IT’S NOT SAFE” 

I myself cannot understand the reason to partner with clean master

If they want, they can fix this with a software update but this would not happen because this will break the deal between the two companies and price of the smartphone will rise 

POCO M2 Pro is a weak contender in terms of Privacy and Security. It does not even follow the general standard Guidelines set by the government and google 

This shows their respect towards user data which is negligible.  You will keep using the phone and your private personal data will get stored in some chinese servers. which is unacceptable



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