BlueAVS Audio Video Capture Card

It is a Cam link a just Like Elgato But at a fourth of its price. Let’s talk about its specifications 

You guys are in it for a surprise the number of good specs that it comes with at such a short price point is astonishing


  • HDMI resolution: Max input can be 3840×2160@30Hz

  • Video output resolution: Max output can be 1920×1080@30Hz

  • Video output format: YUV/JPEG

  • Support video format: 8/10/12bit Deep color

  • Support audio format: L-PCM

  • Support AWG26 HDMI standard cable: input up to 15 meters

  • Support most acquisition software, such as VLC / OBS / Amcap, etc

  • Support Windows / Android / macOS

  • Conform to USB Video and UVC standard

  • Conform to USB Audio UAC standard

  • Max working current: 0.4A/5V DC

  • Dimension (L x W x H): 64x28x13 (mm)

  • Without external power supply, compact and portable.

This comes with very low PC requirements no need have to have those heavy duty computer to generate content

Computer hardware configuration requirements

  • CPU: PC i5-3400 or above; NB i7-3537U 2.0GHZ or above
  • Graphics card: PC NVIDIA GT630 or above; NC NVIDIA GT735M or above
  • Run memory: 4G RAM

This comes in at just $30 dollars vs the Elgato cam link which usually is out of stock and comes in around $250-$300 

It’s a Plug to play very simple very minimalistic and does its job pretty well 

This product will let you Record Livestream straight from your camera which is way way better than any webcam

This will help you to improve add some professional touch to stream your or content whether you’re using this with OBS, Stream Labs, Xsplit

BlueAVS capture card does not distort the Camera quality even if it is pugged to a 4K camera there will be no issues like stuttering, freezing, latency or anything like that

When this card is connected to a 4K camera it downsamples to 1080p so you will get higher quality overall with a smaller image output, which is also good if you are keying out of your green screen

You will have a higher bitrate with an actual camera and the higher resolution will make keying out green screen 10X easier

This will help you to improve add some professional touch to stream or content 

It is a cheaper affordable option then Elgato. Very good value for money options are hard to come and this product is one of them


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